[[t]ædvɑ͟ːnst, -væ̱nst[/t]]
1) ADJ-GRADED: usu ADJ n An advanced system, method, or design is modern and has been developed from an earlier version of the same thing.

Many are afraid that, without more training or advanced technical skills, they'll lose their jobs.

...the most advanced optical telescope in the world.

2) ADJ-GRADED A country that is advanced has reached a high level of industrial or technological development.

Agricultural productivity remained low by comparison with advanced countries like the United States.

3) ADJ-GRADED: usu ADJ n An advanced student has already learned the basic facts of a subject and is doing more difficult work. An advanced course of study is designed for such students.

The course is suitable for beginners and advanced students...

The lab has recently been updated to allow for more advanced courses.

4) ADJ-GRADED Something that is at an advanced stage or level is at a late stage of development.

`Medicare' is available to victims of advanced kidney disease...

His ideas should be more advanced by the time the Committee meets in Edinburgh in October.

5) ADJ-GRADED (politeness) If you say that someone is of advanced years or is advanced in age, you are saying in a polite way that they are old. [FORMAL]

The gentleman, despite his advanced years, helped Kathryn back to her seat.

English dictionary. 2008.

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